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  • Technology

The New Mini Portable Camera

<p>Even though you enjoy taking photos with your iPhone&rsquo;s camera, sometimes you would like to take more adventurous pictures. GoPros are good, but they&rsquo;re expensive. That&rsquo;s why a new cheap action camera has been introduced! The YI 88001 Action Camera captures 16 MP photos and includes built-in WiFi and Bluetooth that directly streams to your phone. It is a small camera that weighs approximately 2.5 oz and shoots in 1080p at 60FPS.</p>

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  • Entertainment

An Artist Lifted by 20,000 Balloons

<p>Artist Noemi Lakmaier performed an artistic piece titled &ldquo;Cherophobia&rdquo; for over nine hours at the Sydney Opera House. The artist was tied to a frame and lifted from the stage using 20,000 multi-colored helium balloons. &ldquo;Cherophobia&rdquo; is a psychiatric condition that is known as the extreme fear of happiness. The artist&rsquo;s own experience with his disability had inspired him to create this project. It involves the concept of detachment on a very large scale that reflects the ideas of restraint, patience, and anticipation. The exhibit was open free to the public inside the iconic venue&rsquo;s Concert Hall.</p>

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  • Lifestyle

Mermaid Academy

<p>Most of us have dreamt of metamorphosing into a mermaid. Your dreams can now turn into reality in a special mermaid academy: it&rsquo;s a school that teaches you how to become a mermaid! &ldquo;Mermaiding&rdquo; students are taught how to swim and perform with mermaid tails that are created from plastic covered in fabric. Children aged 6 and over, as well as adults, can enroll in this academy. The founder of the academy says that &ldquo;swimming as a mermaid is incredible. It&rsquo;s peaceful, dreamy, and a lovely form of exercise wearing a beautiful tail&rdquo;.</p>

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  • Finance

Pay for Fried Chicken by Facial Recognition

<p>In China, you can now pay for a bucket of KFC chicken with your face! This new facial recognition payment system allows you to pay for your meal by simply smiling at a camera. It is known as &ldquo;Smile to Pay&rdquo;. This technology only takes around 2 seconds to scan someone&rsquo;s face using a 3D camera and &ldquo;live-ness detection algorithm&rdquo; to combat fraud. Customers who decide to use this payment method must also add their phone number as a second form of authentication.</p>

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  • Health

Fitbit and Diabetes Monitoring

<p>Fitbit is now expanding its health monitoring capabilities beyond simply fitness tracking. The company is teaming up with a big medical device maker, named Dexcom, to help people with diabetes track their health directly on their wrists. The body&rsquo;s glucose levels will be accessible right alongside the steps, heart rate, and other statistics tracked by the device. However, in order to benefit from this new feature, patients must connect one of Dexcom&rsquo;s devices to the Fitbit application. Putting the data right on the smart watch should make keeping track throughout the day a very seamless experience.</p>

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  • Health

China Plans to Ban Gasoline Cars

<p>The Chinese ministry has started planning out a timeline for the end of petrol and diesel cars. What is surprising is that China is the world&rsquo;s biggest car market which sold approximately 28 million cars last year (a third of the 88 million cars and vans sold worldwide). China has come to this decision as it employs aggressive tactics to suppress the perennial air pollution. It has also come up with laws that involve cars being allowed on roads on alternate days, and heavy vehicles stop driving during seasons with high smog levels. Moreover, China plans to build a network of 800,000 electric vehicle charging points by this year&rsquo;s end.</p>