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  • Technology

Dubai Builds Mars City

<p>The United Arab Emirates government has assigned world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels to build a prototype Mars city in the desert by 2117. The Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun said that &ldquo;Mars 2117&rdquo; will involve Emirati and international scientists. At a cost of approximately $140 million, the Mars Science City will cover 1.9 million square feet and will provide &ldquo;a viable and realistic model to simulate living on the surface of Mars&rdquo;. The project will attract &ldquo;the best scientific minds from around the world&rdquo;. Mars Science City will have several labs for food, energy, water, and agricultural testing. The prototype city will also include a museum that will have its walls 3D printed using desert sand. The UAE calls this project a prototype because it is serious about settling on Mars. They look forward to building the first colony on the red planet by 2117.</p>

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  • Health

Woman Loses Eyesight after Staring at Smartphone

<p>In China, a woman has gone partially blind after spending an entire day playing a game named Honor of Kings on her smartphone. It was said that she played the game for several hours when she suddenly lost her sight in her right eye. She was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO) which can result in permanent loss of vision. This occurs when there is a blockage in one of the arteries that carries blood to the retina. The 21-year-old woman admitted that she is addicted to the game, playing it for up to 8 hours straight without eating, drinking, or going to the toilet. Honor of Kings is one of China&rsquo;s most popular smartphone games that has over 200 million users. The company behind this creation has restricted children under the age of 12 to play this game for more than one hour a day to prevent addiction.</p>