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  • Technology

PetBot: The Smart Pet Monitor

If you feel guilty when leaving your pet alone, use Petbot! Petbot is a smart Wi-Fi pet monitoring system that keeps you connected to your pets. It automatically watches over, offers treats, and interacts with your pets when you are unable to do so. It constantly sees what they’re up to and offers video recording options! When you're not around, this product lets your pet take a selfie that is directly sent to your phone and therefore allows you to call it on your mobile device and give it a treat! It’s like you’re there, even when you’re not there!

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  • Education

Drop Outs: Famous Scientists and Billionaires

Some people might think that high school or college drop outs end up being total failures. However, history has proven that might not be fully true. Here is a list of some of the famous scientists and billionaires who were drop outs: • Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, motion picture camera, telephone, phonograph, and many more, spent only three months in high school. • The Wright Brothers, inventors of the flying machine and the first people who flew a plane never graduated from high school. • Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, only studied two years at Harvard. • Michael Dell, the founder of Dell, only spent one year at the University of Texas. • Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, dropped out of Reed College after one year. • Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, only attended two years of college at Harvard.

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  • Smartphone

An App That Speeds Through Your Reading

If you’ve got a large stack of unread books by your side, most probably it’s either because you have no time to read or you don’t have the effort to do so. Instaread has got the solution for you! This mobile application is your digital remedy for learning about the contents of your unread books in a fast manner. Therefore, instead of compulsively buying books that you will pile, you can get back-cover synopses with thematic takeaways. You will be given the choice to also read or listen to 30-minute summaries of every book you want to know more about! With a lifetime subscription to this Instaread application, you can keep up with the book conversations carried among your friends!